If the aroma of sizzling sausages causes your taste buds to tingle, if it evokes yummy memories of farmhouse kitchens or campfire breakfasts, then imagine the satisfaction of making your own savory sausage at home! At Home Butcher, we provide every kind of food and kitchen equipment, supplies, seasonings, and advice to make you an expert in no time. Perfect for hunting enthusiasts who wish to butcher their game and make sausage and custom cuts of meat. Whether you need a vacuum sealer, sausage stuffer, a manual meat grinder, an electric meat grinder, a meat slicer, a meat tenderizer, a meat saw or meat seasonings, Home Butcher has your quality meat product! Home Butcher Online Store is brought to you by Rodriguez Butcher Supply Company out of San Antonio. Now 50 years of meat processing expertise is being made available to home consumers.